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SSC: The Mother of all Controversies.

“SSC CGL: Paper leak, protest to CBI probe”

“SSC Results Withheld, Aspirants Express Outrage Over Erratic Court Listings And Delay In Hearings”

“SSC-CGL Exam: Why Are Hundreds Of Students Protesting For Over A Week Now?”

“Supreme Court stays declaration of SSC CGL and CHSL 2017 exam results”

These are some of the headlines of leading newspapers in the country. From paper leak to delay in exam and result declaration. The question is:

Why SSC is the mother of controversies as far as recruiment agencies are concerned?

Apparently, every year, SSC find itself amidst one or other controversy. The Staff Selection Commission is responsible for making recruitment in all Group “B” and Group “C” posts in various Ministries/Departments in the Govt. of India. Though SSC is not the only body conducting examinations for recruitment. There are other bodies too which conduct examinations without any controversy whatsoever.

The Union Public Service Commission, responsible for conducting examinations for all the Civil Services posts has never been accused of such inefficacious behaviour. UPSC conducts Civil Services exam each year smoothly. IBPS is another such body conducting recruitment exams for Banking Sector. No such type of allegations emerged against IBPS also.

UFM or Unfair Means is the new addition to the trophies of controversies that the SSC possess. The SSC has awarded “zero” mark and failed many candidates citing UFM to be the reason. As per the version of SSC, “Real and Imaginary” details in the letter and the essay is not permitted and is deemed to be within the ambit of Unfair Means.

A candidate writing an arbitrary address in SSC CHSL 2017 has been passed and another candidate mentioning an arbitrary address in SSC CHSL 2018 has been failed.

SSC cannot arbitrarily apply rules as it seems fit to them. There is a protocol to be followed. Proper clarification ought to have been released with examples.

SSC Chairman Mr Brij Raj Sharma, after receiving several complaints from SSC CHSL candidates, has promised to look into the concerns of SSC CHSL candidates regarding cut in the marks due to the new “unfair means” rule.

“We will look into the complaints registered by the candidates once the lockdown is lifted by the government as right now the SSC office is closed,” said Mr Sharma.

Candidates look forward to the promise made by the chairman.


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