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Why COVIDIOTS and “Corona Rebels” are a threat?

“Some consider they’re little heroes when they break the rules,” well actually they are a threat to themselves and to the society.
A new breed has evolved, an omni-resistant breed called “Corona Rebels”, capable of repelling even the novel corona virus. Their audacity to flout the lockdown orders as well as social distancing would make one doubtful of the level of understanding these people possess.
In defiance of all the social distancing norms, german adults hold “corona parties” and cough toward older people.
In response to the non-compliance by people, french authorities sent forces in order to bar the movement to the countryside and beaches where medical facilities are fragile.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that people from 18-to-49 account for more than half of the state’s coronavirus cases, warning them “you’re not Superman, and you’re not Superwoman.”
“You can wind up hurting someone who you love, or hurting someone wholly inadvertently. Social distancing works, and you need social distancing everywhere”, Cuomo warned.

The chief medical officer for the International Clinic of Wuhan, Dr. Philippe Klein was shocked at those refusing to follow the rules to contain the virus. China has reported no new corona virus cases several days in a row, thanks to China’s confinement of millions of people.
Fruit and vegetable markets, where concentration of people have posed a new challenge for the authorities trying to keep people apart as a measure of social distancing.

Spain, having the 2nd highest number of corona virus cases in Europe after Italy, is using helicopters to spot group of peoples. Then police officials are sent to break up the gatherings.

The French police has fines more than 4000 people for violating coronavirus lockdown.
“Since this morning, we have begun procedures and 4,095 people were booked (for violating the rules),” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

#COVIDIOTS, a twitter hashtag started trending as soon as reports of people not following the lockdown orders came to light. Twitteraties shared videos of people violating the code, lashing out to them, expressing their anger.

In India, misinterpreting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “gratitude call”, some people violated social distancing norms and went on to the streets clapping and clanging utensils.

After a video of people chanting slogans, dancing and clanging utensils during Janta curfew went viral, police registered a case under section 188 of the IPC (disobedience of an order duly promulgated by a public servant) and section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897.

A draconian approach is needed to tackle these “Corona rebels” and “COVIDIOTS”. Aggressive measures and bold approach is necessary to contain the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen along with a sense of responsibility and collective action.


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