Why COVIDIOTS and “Corona Rebels” are a threat?

The Bleeding Ink

“Some consider they’re little heroes when they break the rules,” well actually they are a threat to themselves and to the society.
A new breed has evolved, an omni-resistant breed called “Corona Rebels”, capable of repelling even the novel corona virus. Their audacity to flout the lockdown orders as well as social distancing would make one doubtful of the level of understanding these people possess.
In defiance of all the social distancing norms, german adults hold “corona parties” and cough toward older people.
In response to the non-compliance by people, french authorities sent forces in order to bar the movement to the countryside and beaches where medical facilities are fragile.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that people from 18-to-49 account for more than half of the state’s coronavirus cases, warning them “you’re not Superman, and you’re not Superwoman.”
“You can wind up hurting someone who you…

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