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Shall SSC aspirants wait till eternity?

2018 was the year when SSC released a notification for conducting cgl. One was that day and now it’s 2020 September, the result for ssc cgl 2018 tier 3 is still awaited. More than 800 days have passed, yes the figure is correct, since 800 days these hardworking candidates are waiting for their results. While dealing with all this mess that ssc created, SSC aspirants face a string of issues. Let’s have a look at them:

Wastage of time

Of course, waiting for more than 2 years to land a job is a substantial time period. Delay in conducting exams and releasing the results led to the wastage of precious time of these aspirants. It’s essentially a wastage of human resources. India with majority of the population comprising of youth, is unable to reap the benefits of this demographic dividend as young population like that of SSC aspirants remain unemployed predominantly due to the failure of agencies like SSC.

Jeopardized Plans

Like other people, these aspirants also may have planned their life but due to irregularities and ambiguity that SSC examination procedure possess, these future plans of candidates lands into jeopardy. Uncertainty in selection procedure and results have a cascading effect on their lives.

Pressure to perform

With most of the youth under pressure to perform and deliver, this delay and unnecessary controversies like that of UFM (UnFair Means) adds up to the already towering pressure even on bright students who’ve already cleared the mains exam.
Many of these candidates come from underprivileged families and a wait for more than 2 years for a job even after leaving no stone unturned in the preparation results in financial pressure as these candidates are expected by their families to perform and earn bread and butter for their families.

Mental health issues

Unnecessary delay and controversies breed depression among aspirants as they wait for their results for months and years. Anxiety and stress issues are also common among these candidates. This is in addition to the family and societal pressure that they are already facing.
Depression, anxiety and stress may have a chronic effect on mental health of these candidates which render it difficult to manage day to day affairs.

Way forward

Ssc should either not release notification  for such exams or manage to conduct exams as per schedule without controversies. It is essential on the part of SSC to understand the plight of aspirants and the depression and stress they go through in this whole process.
The aspirants should not succumb to the pressure that this society creates. Also, the aspirants should pay attention to their physical as well as mental health and try their best to fight depression and stress.


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