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Shall SSC aspirants wait till eternity?

2018 was the year when SSC released a notification for conducting cgl. One was that day and now it's 2020 September, the result for ssc cgl 2018 tier 3 is still awaited. More than 800 days have passed, yes the figure is correct, since 800 days these hardworking candidates are waiting for their results. While... Continue Reading →

What’s all the fuss about HydroxyChloroQuine?

Follow us on Twitter: There has to be something about this drug HydroxyChloroQuine that is making arguably the most powerful person on the planet go ga-ga over it so as to the extent of threatening retaliation to it’s best friend India. Normally used to treat malaria, hydroxychloroquine has emerged as a potential treatment for... Continue Reading →

Convalescent Plasma Therapy: Is it a promising treatment for COVID-19 ?

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, that originated in the city of Wuhan, more than a million have contracted Corona virus disease and more than 59000 people have lost their lives.No specific treatment or vaccine has yet been effective against SARS-CoV-2.However, several supportive treatments like medication to reduce fever and supplemental oxygen apart from drugs... Continue Reading →

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