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Why  modi_jawab_do is trending?

More than 1000 days ago, Staff selection commission released notification for SSC combination graduate level or SSC CGL 2018 exam. Shockingly, the candidates are still waiting for the final results even after a substantial time period of more than 2.5 years. Taking more than 2.5 years for finalising the results of competitive exams itself raises questions on the credibility of these exams and their conducting bodies which in this case is the Staff Selection Commission SSC.

The mother of all controversies

Apparently, every year, SSC find itself amidst one or other controversy. The Staff Selection Commission is responsible for making recruitment in all Group “B” and Group “C” posts in various Ministries/Departments in the Govt. of India. Though SSC is not the only body conducting examinations for recruitment. There are other bodies too which conduct examinations without any controversy whatsoever.

The Staff Selection Commission, always has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, owing to the irregularities and allegations of corruption against it’s officials and to add fuel to the fire, the forever delaying examination and results that adds to the frustration of those preparing day and night to secure a job in this catastrophic times as far as employment is concerned.

Last year also SSC found itself engulfed with the controversy of UnFair Means or the UFM by the SSC. SSC has awarded “zero” mark and failed many candidates citing UFM to be the reason. As per the version of SSC, “Real and Imaginary” details in the letter and the essay was not permitted and is deemed to be within the ambit of Unfair Means.

Youth under pressure

With most of the youth under pressure to perform and deliver, this delay and unnecessary controversies like that of UFM (UnFair Means) adds up to the already towering pressure even on bright students who’ve already cleared the mains exam.

Many of these candidates come from underprivileged families and a wait for more than 2 years for a job even after leaving no stone unturned in the preparation results in financial pressure as these candidates are expected by their families to perform and earn bread and butter for their families.

Decreasing Vacancies

What is happening is actually opposite to what should be happening. With increasing number of educated and unemployed youth stuffing the unemployment basket, the Government needs to release more and more number of vacancies to accommodate this vast pool of untapped talent. BUT the government is doing the opposite by decreasing the number of vacancies offered through various competitive exams.

It’s high time, the Government re-look it’s policies and priorities. Of course, “Atmanirbharta” doesn’t evolve in a matter of few days but is a long process which evolves over time. Suddenly decreasing the vacancies and calling the youth to be Atmanirbhar is absurd. The Government should also device effective policies to conduct these competitive exams in a fair manner and strictly punish those involved in corruption.


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