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As Tablighis nod for plasma donation, Hate mongers caught in a weird situation.

All the so called “secular” hindi news channels left no stone unturned to label the “Tablighis” as the Corona Virus spreaders. Many of them ran never ending TV debates accusing the tablighis for the increasing number of coronavirus cases specifically in Delhi. One newspaper even published a cartoon depicting the coronavirus as a terrorist in Muslim attire.

Those who attended the Tablighi Jamaat at Nizammuddin, New Delhi were traced and put to quarantine. Their contacts traced and isolated. Electronic media played it’s role to exaggerate the matter out of proportions paving the way for even more hate mongering in an already “Hindu-Muslim” saturated atmosphere following the East Delhi riots.

The intellectuals termed it as “Islamophobia” ie the fear, hatred and prejudice against the muslims or Islamic religion. Physical, verbal and psychological attacks on muslims has further pushed their oppression to a new limit. In a flood of twitter campaigns with Islamophobic hashtags, the muslims were continuously accused for spreading the virus purposefully. Since, this particular cluster of tablighis were tested rapidly with the overall testing rate being very low, it is apparent that a large chunk of these positive cases is attributed to this cluster. “Corona Jihad” was another term that was associated with the members who attended the tablighi jamaat.

While the hate mongering was it it’s peak, the news that the tablighis recovered from COVID-19 is donating blood plasma for the blood plasma therapy which is being perceived as a viable treatment to cure SARS-COV2, came as a shocker for those spreading hate and trying to give this pandemic a communal colour.

With the Convalescent plasma therapy, the patient who has recovered from an illness have antibodies in their blood plasma ie the liquid part of their blood.
The plasma is then purified and injected into the ailing patient, which provides a “passive immunity” to the patient until the patient’s body is able to produce it’s own antibodies.
When given to a susceptible person, this antibody will circulate in the blood, reach tissues, and provide protection against infection.

Jamaat chief Maulana Saad Kandhavli, booked for culpable homicide after thousands of attendees of the Tablighi Jamaat event in Delhi’s Nizamuddin tested positive for COVID-19 has appealed to COVID-19 survivors from the Muslim community to donate blood plasma for the treatment of other patients.

According to the sources, out of 1,068 coronavirus positive Tablighis in Delhi hospitals, around 300 (who have recovered after testing double negative) have decided to donate plasma to severely ill patients in the capital. As the government is struggling to find donors for plasma therapy, this seems to be a ray of hope in fighting the COVID-19 battle.

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