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1 lakh Male Suicides per year: The reason why we need “Purush Aayog”.

The entire house burst into laughter when BJP MP from Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh, Harinarayan Rajbhar raised the demand to set up “purush aayog”. This is the level to which the minds of our lawmakers are biased depicting the fact that how far our lawmakers are from the reality. Often, the plight of men are comprehended in a lighter way as compared to that of their opposite sex. The sufferings of a men are often overlooked.

According to the data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 91000 men commit suicide in India every year and those who committed suicide who are married, 74% are men. This trend holds true globally as well. For instance, in 2014, 76% of suicides in the UK were by men. On an average, men’s suicide rate is twice that of females in India.

Men are subjected to depression because of False Cases and Harassment by wife and in-laws. According the data, 1,466 of the 2,753 rape cases registered with the women’s panel between April 2013 and July 2014 were found to be false. Even a girl can accuse her boyfriend of rape after having consensual sex. In many cases, false rape accusations are simply the result of parents covering up the “shame” of an unmarried daughter having sex. For them, saying a daughter has been raped is preferable to people thinking she is sexually active.

The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage.

– Chuck Palahniuk

Many of these cases are settled for compensation which exhibit the real intention behind those false rape cases, that is, to extort money. No parents would settle for money rather than justice, if their daughter has really been raped. While the identity of the alleged rape victim is kept a secret, the identity of a rape accused is published all over the media leading to social stigma for him and his close relatives. Even if the rape case is proven wrong, the damage is done.

“Seventy-five percent of cases are withdrawn because the women use the charges to extort money,” said Wasif Ali from the Save Family Foundation.

On top of that, there has always been the pressure to perform among males in Indian society. They’ve always been perceived as selfless providers. Many a times they are pressurised by their wives to earn more in order to fulfil their unnecessary desires like bigger house, expensive car or other luxury items. For instance, there had been this case where the wife threatened her husband of filing a false case if he did not provide her with a luxury perfume. It is not the responsibility of the husband to provide for an educated and healthy wife. If a women wants more, she ought to go earn it by herself.

No man kills himself unless there is something wrong with his life.

– A. Alvarez

The country’s biased laws, particularly inclined towards women are proving to be a death trap for the men. Every year, thousands of men commit suicide due to harassment by false dowry cases and false domestics violence cases. In majority of these cases, the sole intention of the wife is to harass and settle scores with the husband. Owing to this harassment, many men lose their jobs.

In 2005, a panel of the Supreme Court called women’s misuse of the provision “legal terrorism.”

“Most of such complaints are filed in the heat of the moment over trivial issues,”

– Supreme Court of India

Males has apparently also been a victim of the biased mentality prevalent in Indian society. The mentality that a female can do no bad, what she says is the gospel truth. Many women evade punishment owing to this biased mentality among the administrative officials. Majority of the times, it becomes hard for an advocate to persuade a Judge in believing for the crime that a women has committed. For instance, if a female commit suicide and name a man as the reason for her suicide, the police arrest the man immediately but it’s a different story if a man commit suicide and name a women as the reason for suicide. Many a times, the victim family have to face harassment even to get an FIR registered against a women.

Suicide does not mean there was no killer.

– Anonymous

Many associations and NGO’s such as Save Indian Family Foundation @SFFNGO, Daaman NGO @DaamanNGO, Satyagrah for Men @Satyagrah4M, Vaastav NGO @vaastavngo, Men Welfare Trust @MenWelfare are working to support the men abused by the misuse of female centric laws.

“Men are vulnerable too” that’s the reason we need National Commission for Men where a distressed man suffering at the hands of his wife folowing misuse of laws, may approach Men’s Commission. That will definitely help reducing the number of suicides among men. Suitable law needs to be enacted to punish those women who misuse the provisions of Section 498-A. It should also be made illegal to reveal the identity of an accused until he’s found guilty.


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