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1 lakh Male Suicides per year: The reason why we need “Purush Aayog”.

The entire house burst into laughter when BJP MP from Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh, Harinarayan Rajbhar raised the demand to set up “purush aayog”. This is the level to which the minds of our lawmakers are biased depicting the fact that how far our lawmakers are from the reality. Often, the plight of men are comprehended... Continue Reading →

Indira era vs Modi era: Is History repeating itself?

Both Indira and Modi, known for their flamboyance and audacity had been perceived as a godly figure by their respective party members. “My way or high way” is the tag line that describes them precisely. Indira banning RSS during the emergency and BJP’s “congress mukt bharat” says everything for the utter disregard they have for... Continue Reading →

Migrants on foot VS Special flights for Elite

That image of mass exodus of migrant workers at Delhi's Anand Vihar Bus terminal is on everyone's mind. Amid complete lockdown, it came as a shocker for the law enforcement agencies who were looking helpless before this immense assembly of migrants trying to escape to their respective home towns. A result of a serious lacuna... Continue Reading →

India’s thirst for the MSME revival package amid COVID-19.

The Indian growth story is significantly contributed by the MSME sector of India, stimulating entrepreneurship and the base for the largest employment opportunities. MSME sector also contributes to the Export sector. As per the information received from Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCIS) the Share of MSME related Products in total Export from... Continue Reading →

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