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SSC: Is Unfair Means Unfair to the genuine candidates ?

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The Staff Selection Commission, always has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, owing to the irregularities and allegations of corruption against it’s officials and to add fuel to the fire, the forever delaying examination and results that adds to the frustration of those preparing day and night to secure a job in this catastrophic times as far as employment is concerned.

The latest showpiece is the evolution of the UnFair Means or the UFM by the SSC. As per the latest reports, the SSC has awarded “zero” mark and failed many candidates citing UFM to be the reason. As per the version of SSC, “Real and Imaginary” details in the letter and the essay is not permitted and is deemed to be within the ambit of Unfair Means.

For a student who has scored ample amount of marks in the preliminary examination and is sure to secure a job, being awarded a “nill” in the written examination is a big setback that will push genuine candidates 2 years back in their quest to see themselves working for the Union Government. Moreover, majority of these candidates are from middle and lower class sections of the society with not so affluent state of affairs.
Phrases as simple as ” छोटी को स्नेह देना” meaning “give my love to the younger one” has landed a candidate in the UFM zone. Another candidate mentioning XYZ or an arbitrary address has also been awarded zero marks and failed.

Contrast has also been drawn as to why a candidate writing an arbitrary address in SSC CHSL 2017 has been passed and another candidate mentioning an arbitrary address in SSC CHSL 2018 has been failed.

As far as recruitment agencies are concerned, Staff Selection Commission has been the mother of controversies. In the year 2017, disputes raised after candidates using unfair means came to light along with the involvement of various center incharges. The CBI named seven candidates, unknown SSC officials and invigilators and SIFY, the official vender. The Staff Selection Commission has also been accused of delaying the examinations and results several times.

Now, as per the new set of rules adopted by the SSC, the future of several candidates stare at uncertainty. Though the SSC has failed candidates as per the new UFM rules, there has been no official notification by the SSC for the UFM and no proper clarification has been provided by the SSC as far as the words “Real and Imaginary” are concerned.

With the already scandalous image that the Staff Selection Commision possess, this unfair addition of the Unfair Means will prove to be a Kick in the Teeth of the hardworking genuine candidates that will propel them to lose faith in the system.

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  1. The article presents an accurate picture of the state of SSC and the trauma and suffering of millions of candidates perfectly.

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