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Aren’t Bankers CoronaWarriors?

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From ABP News Ghanti Bajao campaign to Banking Union Strikes, bankers have put in all efforts to make their voices heard. Already facing a truckload of issues, the Corona Virus has arrived as a double whammy for the bankers. With the payment of the first instalment of Rs 500 to over 4 crore women Jan Dhan account holders, people rushed to the respective banks in order to withdraw the amount, side-lining all the social distancing norms placed by the administration and creating huge rush at the Banks.

Equipped with a limited staff, the bankers is now facing this huge rush all alone with little or no help from the administration. Needless to say, without proper PPE kits, bankers are at a high risk of contracting COVID-19. With most of the account holders visiting the branch without face masks and avoiding social distancing, bankers, who are the forefront while dealing with this mass is facing huge risk that may cost them their lives.  

Already posted far away from their families in this pandemic, bankers are unable to care for their families. On top of that, they’re facing health risks dealing with public everyday.

It has also been reported that bankers are also facing legal action by the concerned authorities for not being able to maintain social distancing norms at the respective bank branches. With so much burden and emotional trauma already, this unwarranted invasion of dignity was uncalled for. Bankers cannot operate branches, handle customers and maintain social distancing norms all at the same time with a limited number of staff. It is the duty of the State to chalk out proper strategy before implementing any policy whatsoever.

Bankers are now demanding Insurance Cover of Rs 50 lakhs per person similar to that provided to frontline health workers – sanitation staff, paramedics and nurses, ASHA workers and doctors- who are working to tackle the COVID-19 illness and face the highest risk of contracting the illness. So, as per the views of the Central Government, the bankers are not facing high risk of contracting COVID-19.

As bankers are at the forefront of public dealing, they are demanding safety equipment such as PPE kits in order to dodge the risks of contracting Corona Virus. With most of the staff lacking protective gears, they are working under constant fear of contracting corona virus. Without any security, they are also facing the anger from customers.

Despite of the fact that the bankers continue to work in a risky environment with customers even trying to attack bankers, instead of providing security to the bankers, the authorities are seeking explanations and issuing notices to bankers, which is infelicitous. There’s no doubt that bankers just like healthcare service providers are CORONA WARRIORS.

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