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What CoronaVirus taught us?


Spitting in public, gutkha stains on walls, urinating in open, littering on road and what not. People have not left any stone unturned on making surroundings dirty. British MP Lucy Ivimy once reported to have said that Indians don’t know how to dispose off their rubbish.
As per the cleanliness rankings in India, Delhi and Mumbai, the two most populated cities in the country had appallingly low rankings. Since the outbreak of corona, people have started taking sternly, the matter of hygiene and cleanliness. Offices, public transports, public places are being sanitized as an act of prevention.

Health awareness

Yes, people have started taking care of themselves more than ever.
It’s a matter of concern that Sri Lanka (66), Bangladesh (91) and Nepal (110) continued to be healthier than India, while  rank well above India, out of the 169 countries that were evaluated. India slipped from 119 in the 2017 ranking to 120. 
Those who used to skip gym are now missing gym all the more. People are now realizing the importance of immunity and are consuming natural immunity boosters.
There are talks with respect to Herd immunity. It’s a phenomenon where enough number of people of a community have immunity to a certain disease to be effectively abke to stop that disease from spreading.
Immunity is the key!, The more people are immune, the less is the possibility for his virus to spread.
We must invest in health as much as we do in other things.

Less travel- less pollution

Of course, the more people travel, the more polluted the environment become.
From packed roads, traffic jams to complete lockdown and “janta curfew”, people are doing every bit of effort to be able to tackle COVID-19.
We have learned to obviate unnecessary travel that in turn has led to less vehicles on the road resulting in less polluted environment.
Twenty-one of the world’s 30 cities with the worst air pollution are in India. In November, a public health emergency was declared after the air quality index (AQI) level exceeded 800 in certain parts of New Delhi, which was more than three times the “hazardous” level

As per the AirVisual report:

“Air pollution constitutes the most pressing environmental health risk facing our global population,”

As we are avoiding unnecessary travel, we must carry on with our efforts to curb air pollution in future as a polluted environment manufacture unhealthy body and a unhealthy body is at a greater risk of contracting a disease.

Family first

“The family is the first essential cell of human society.” –Pope John XXIII

We were so indulged in the rat race of being successful that we literally begin avoiding family.
Wikepedia defines the rat race as a term used for an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit. Pointless due to the fact that after all its the family that matters most.

Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but at succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter at all. ~Francis Chan

In the wake of covid-19 people are spending most of their time at home with family, taking care of their old age parents. Family time is important to develop strong ties and bond with your family.

No junk food

The way this virus rapidly spreads, people are avoiding eating outside and ordering outside food. No outside food means more “ghar ka khana” which has always been healthier.

Outbreak preparedness

Corona virus has unveiled our lack of preparedness for an epidemic like that of covid-19. The rapid spread of corona virus to such a large scale hadn’t been possible without lack of healthcare infrastructure and preparedness.
It’s a crucial lesson for all the Governments who is more indulged in buying weapons and trading activities to equally invest in health and healthcare infrastructure.

Importance of life

We had started taking it for granted. We were in this notion of viewing ourselves as individuals who got nothing to do with what others are doing. Exponential spread of covid-19 uncovered the fact that how intertwined we are in this web of life, how a small action anywhere in the world could affect our personal lives.
A virus has shown us how connected we are regardless of the country we live in, the religion we obey, the food we eat, the clothes we wear.
Now that people are being stalked by death, they’ve realized how important life is.

As this challenge is far from over, corona virus has many lessons to teach us. The question is ” whether we are ready to listen or not?”.

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