Why COVIDIOTS and “Corona Rebels” are a threat?

"Some consider they're little heroes when they break the rules," well actually they are a threat to themselves and to the society.A new breed has evolved, an omni-resistant breed called "Corona Rebels", capable of repelling even the novel corona virus. Their audacity to flout the lockdown orders as well as social distancing would make one... Continue Reading →

The Locked World: Will Lockdown Help?

“Lockdown” refers to compulsory quarantines or non-compulsory advisory to stay at home, bans on gatherings and events, closure of certain types of businesses, public transports and public spaces. As per the latest reports, out of 3.4 lakhs cases reported worldwide, approximately 81000, 59000 and 35000 cases are from China, Italy and USA respectively. Death toll... Continue Reading →

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